The Alohomora! Festival is a fan-run event. It is not affiliated with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., Bloomsbury, Scholastic Press, Pottermore, nor Universal Studios in any way. The festival intends no copyright infringement of any kind.

The adventure begins in:

Enchanting Events!

Interactive wand trails, roaming performers, mysterious maps!

Challenging Contests!

Mystifying trivia, costume & brew contests & more!

Magical Marketplace!

Wondrous witch and wizard gifts of every kind!

Appetizing Edibles!

The best casual wizarding fare and character meals for every witch and wizard!

Thrilling Tutorials!

From potion brewing to candy making, our magical orientation classes have it all!

Spellbinding Songs!

Enjoy the roaming musical groups and rock it out with our otherworldly live bands!

The Squabbler

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