Become a Vendor

Interested in becoming a part of the magic? There are multiple opportunities to participate. For more information, fill out the contact below. We will send information/requirements and our application form.

Prowler’s Map

Businesses and vendors are invited to be part of the Prowler’s Map. Attendees will travel to each location to obtain special stamps, plus a small, magical giveaway. Once complete, attendees enter for amazing magical prizes! Also available: coupon spaces.

Downtown Stations

Vendors are invited to rent spaces along our festival grounds, Liberty Street and Second Avenue, Downtown Warren. The main festival grounds are open and free to the public, providing many opportunities for attendees to peruse wares and services.

Promotional Opportunities

Businesses and visiting vendors are invited to participate in our many promotional opportunities. From posters to newspaper ads to banners, we will be thanking sponsoring businesses by listing your information for all to see!

Event Patronage

Want to see your business’ name in lights? Become an event patron at the Alohomora! Festival and we’ll shout your name from every corner. Events include our brew and costume contests, trivia games, roaming musicians/actors, and full-band live music concert.